Mikaela Miller


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GradDip Community Development - Murdoch University (with a Community Arts focus) | 2019

BA (Humanities) Graphic Design & Creative Advertising - Curtin University (Distinction; VC List member) | 2016

WACE Yr 12 with ATAR - Applecross SHS (5yrs in the GATE Visual Arts program) | 2013

Shire of Capel Skate Link, Capel 2019 | ART ON THE MOVE, Fremantle 2018 | Merredin College, Merredin 2018 | South Perth Banners in the Terrace, South Perth 2018 | Donnybrook Hardware and Gardens, Donnybrook 2018 | Kalgoorlie Heartwalk, Kalgoorlie 2018 | LivLab Wholefood Deli, Palmyra 2018 | Booragoon Occasional Early Education Centre, Melville 2018 | Murdoch University Student Guild Tavern, Murdoch 2017 | Mrs S Cafe, Highgate 2018 | Captivate Capel 2018

Heartwalk Exhibition - Black Crow Studios, Kalgoorlie, 2018 | Moth Migration Project by Hilary Lorenz - Sunbury Shores Arts & Nature Centre, Saint Andrews Canada, 2018; 516Arts, Albuquerque NM (USA), 2017 | Stand Tall and See Exhibition  -  Little Wing Corner Gallery, Subiaco, 2015 | Young Originals Exhibition - ECU, Mt Lawley, 2013 | Annual GATE Exhibition - Applecross SHS, Ardross, 2008- 2013

Capel Youth Collective, Capel 2018 | Merredin College, Merredin 2018 | Banners in the Terrace, South Perth 2018 | Yidarra Catholic Primary, Bateman 2017 | Bicton Primary,
Bicton 2015 - 2017

Forsyth Marine Photography - photographer, 2017-present | Tracey Alexandra - artist, 2017-present | Grouch & Co - coffee roasters, 2018 | Team Dragonfly - fishing competition team, 2018 | Salon Express - hairdresser chain, 2017 | Allison Read Photography - photographer, 2015 | Avenoir Magazine & Loungefly - digital magazine and podcast channel, 2015



Born in Fremantle, Western Australia.

I grew up as part of a large family with strong
connections to East Fremantle, Bicton, Palmyra
and the Swan River. The river’s edge, the coast,
the port city - that is where I call home.

Both sets of my grandparents had quite the
reputation in these areas. Their stories - their legacy -
are quaint and familiar, and at the mention of their
names, or their street, people recollect their stories -
and it always inspires a smile and creates a feeling of connection.

My father’s side baked bread,
and my mother’s grew flowers.

Both simple, yet powerful mediums of connection -
although I’m sure they never new it at the time.

Today, I am endlessly fascinated by people, stories,
legacies, place, and the way we can connect to
each other through nature, food and other simple things - and I’d say this fascination is a result of my grandparents.

In my work I use portraiture and floral imagery to
explore themes of place, humanity, the natural
environment (and our relationship to it), emotion, connection and the stories that make up our past,
present and future.