Mikaela Miller

Art On The Move

“We Flourish Together”

Painted with the community for ART ON THE MOVE’S
Hello Fremantle Open Day.

ART ON THE MOVE connects communities across regional WA through the touring of ideas, skills and physical artworks.
In doing this, they create an interwoven and supportive arts network spanning across a very vast and diverse state.
By supporting each other, sharing our stories, and celebrating culture together - we can collectively flourish in ways that would never be as spectacular alone.

This work features floral emblems from across the various regions of the state, arranged in an asymmetric bouquet mimicking the WA coastline. The arrangement is inspired by the Japanese art and philosophy of flower arranging ‘Ikebana’ - celebrating asymmetric compositions that create harmony between the vessel and the materials and consider negative space as much as the positive.

The yellow ART ON THE MOVE brand square is the vessel from which the unusual combination of floral sprigs, flourish into a unique and harmonious whole.

Featuring: Silver Leaf Grevillea | Sturt’s Desert Pea |
Shark Bay Daisy | Geraldton Wax | Australian Flame Pea |
Queen Sheba Orchid

November 2018

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